Q & A

What powers the AircraftLauncher catapult launcher?

It is powered with a combination of latex bungee’s and an aircraft cable system.  Think of it as how a compound archery bow delivers power.  Simple but yet reliable to operate.


Why is the AircraftLauncher.com launcher so much more affordable than other launchers on the market?

Many other launchers on the market come from military beginnings where cost and complexity are justified.  However for industrial and agricultural uses that the AircraftLauncher was designed for it had to be reliable, simple and cost effective.  Some launchers on the market cost more than an entire UAS system.  We feel this is ridiculous.


How fast can I receive a UAV Aircraft launcher?

We keep launchers packaged ready for immediate shipment.  They can be shipped out the same day we receive payment.


Our UAS / fixed wing drone is different from the AgEagle and may require different launching arms.  Does Aircraft Launcher.com provide custom design services?

Yes, AircraftLauncher.com provides custom engineering and design services for special applications.


We have a need for several dozen launchers, can AircraftLauncher.com supply them?

Yes, AircraftLauncher.com keeps several ready for immediate delivery.  Large quantities are not a problem.  If the quantity you need exceeds our current inventory we can make more in a short time frame.

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